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Oops. I made a mistake. In order to move the start marker with left and
right arrow keys, use "shift+left arrow" to move it left and "shift+right
arrow" to move it right.

"shift+up arrow" and "shift+down arrow" affect the amount of samples which
are jumped over when you move the markers with arrow keys. This amount is
displayed in the status bar.

Sorry aboutthis. Have a nice day. Chris

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Hi Dave,

First, you will need to approximately place the start marker like Bruce

Then, you may need to move the marker left or right a little in order to
precisely remove what you want while keeping the whole desired part of the

In order to do so, there are two ways.

Start playing the selection. Then, pause when you want the marker to be
placed and hit the open bracket key "[" to move the start marker at the very
place where you paused.

Then, you can still refine the adjustement with left and right arrow keys.
In order to increase or decrease the effect of those arrow key, don't
hesitate zooming in or out by using shift+up arrow or shift+down arrow.

Hope this will help. Have a nice day. Chris
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