Fw: Jaws for Iraq veterans!

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  • Date: Wed, 2 Feb 2005 09:19:34 -0700

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From: "Jim Talley" <nrg.jim@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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Subject: Jaws for Iraq veterans!

Hi Listers, the war in Iraq is producing a number of blind veterans. There 
are 674 vets waiting to receive computer training as of June 2004, these are 
waiting to be admitted to a resident training program in ten centers across 
the country. The Veterans Administration and the Blind Veterans of America 
(BVA) is starting a Tech Mentoring program of which I am apart, what we need 
is a very basic fundamental JFW for Windows training course One that could 
bee taught by a blind mentor or a sighted instructor.I for the most part 
began my Jaws training with the F S cassette tutorials, can any of you 
suggest a more expedient means of teaching Jaws to these newly blinded 
veterans? Your collective wisdom will be greatly appreciated. 

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