Re: FreedomScientific, Inc. Asked to Cease Lawsuit Against Serotek Corporation

  • From: Bruce Toews <DogRiver@xxxxxxxx>
  • To: jfw@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 21 May 2007 17:03:13 -0500 (CDT)

But I strongly suggest that there is public expression of same, which is why I have called you on it. Even the domain name,, is very leading. the grounds for my accusation are sound, and since you are putting forth these leading petitions and so forth publicly, they are open to public criticism from those of us who believe they should be publicly criticized. You claim to be an accessibility evangelist. Then be prepared for the same type of scrutiny any other evangelist needs to be prepared for as through life they evangelize along.


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On Mon, 21 May 2007, Darrell Shandrow wrote:

Hello Bruce,

We do not censor comments on our petition.  Sorry.  That would not be
appropriate.  People who sign the petition are free to say anything they
like, so long as it does not contain any abusive language or otherwise
anything that a reasonable person would not consider "family safe".

As we are sentient human beings, we have opinions, some of which we have
publicly posted from time to time.  We have encouraged everyone to do their
research and, only if they agree with the petition, then sign it.  The
petition statement also does not express any opinion other than that the
authors believe Freedom Scientific should stop the lawsuit.  Period.  End of

On a more personal note, Bruce, I feel it is unfair for you or anyone else
to attach impure motives to this effort when there is no such intent or
public demonstration of same.

Darrell Shandrow - Accessibility Evangelist
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another person.
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Except that many implications are being made, and you are allowing them to
be made unchecked. It is clear, just from looking through the signatures
so far, that people are under the impression that Freedom Scientific is
trying to shut down Serotek. Neither you nor Jeff has done anything to
dispel this misconception because, I submit, it fuels anger and makes
people more likely to support your petition. This, I also submit, is very
irresponsible of you, and is already enough to discredit the petition,
which I will never sign. Freedom Scientific maintains, and I see no reason
to doubt them, that they have looked for an out-of-court agreement for
years, and that Serotek has refused to cooperate. All Freedom wants is for
Serotek to change the name of the product, they do not wish the product to
be eliminated. By not making this clear and not only allowing but
encouraging the misconception (don't try to tell me that
isn't misleading in this respect) you and Jeff discredit both yourselves
and any other Access-technology enterprises you claim to represent, even
if you try to distance your blogs and your petition from those other


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