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I was shown a method of how to re-format such a file.  It goes as follows:

1.  Ctrl+H for Find and Replace
2. In the Find box, press Shift+number 6 on the main keyboard, followed by a
lowercase p.  So you have^p in the find box.
3. In the Replace box press Shift+6 followed by t thus you have ^t
4. Tab to Replace All and hit Enter.  In the document of the size you have
don't be surprised if you have several hundred replacements.  Press Enter to
 5. Next, in the Find box type in ^t^t.  That is Shift+6,t,Shift+6,t.
6.  In the Replace box type in Shift+6,p,Shift+6,p.
7. Tab to the Replace All box and hit Enter.  Again, you will have several
8. Again in the Find box type in Shift+6,t.
9. In the Replace box press the Space Bar once.
10. Tab to Replace All and hit Enter.  Job Done.  Exit from Find and Replace
and I'm sure your document will be a lot shorter.


Jim Williams
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  Hi there,
  Here's something on which I'm hoping someone will have some information.
  I have a huge file that I got off the net which I need to reformat.  It
looks something like this.  It'll have one line of text that's somewhat
long, followed
  by a line of text that is very short, with a blank next to it, which I'm
calling a line break or carriage return.  When I manually delete that and
  a space, it looks like a regular line of text.
  This is a file of close to 100 pages, and I'd hate to go through line by
line trying to fix it.
  What I'd like to do is use the search and replace all function in Word and
replace all of those hard line breaks.  Is there a symbol I can use to type
  that will do that, or is there an easier way I can reformat the text?
  It's annoying, but I'd love to have this better formatted.
  I'll bet the pages will come down considerably.

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