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This is what I said, I never mentioned quotation marks. A block quote is an extended quotation, be that a quotation from someone who is speaking or a quotation from another source, it's still a quotation. That's my last word on this as we're drifting away from JAWS.


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On Fri, 14 Oct 2005, Yardbird wrote:

Actually, not to ruffle anyone's feathers at any stage of this sequence, but
"block quote" doesn't just mean a long quotation.  It doesn't even involve
quotation marks before and after the passage.

What it is is a traditional printer's term for a portion of text that's
taken from another source, not just say, someone speaking in response to an
interviewer's question, or the like.

And this section is set offfrom the text above and beneath it by being
indented from both sides, so that the block is narrower than the body of the
article or whatever surrounds it.

Imagine a book review in which the reviewer is describing a recently
published novel.  He or she writes paragraph after paragraph of description
and commentary, and then comes to a place where he or she says something
like, take this passage from the opening of Chapter Two, for example:

And here, there will be a blank line, and then the passage from the novel
under review, maybe a paragraph or three or four, ending where the reviewer
wants to end the example.  Indented from left and right so that it looks
centered on the page, narrower than the rest of the text.  Like a block.

Then comes a blank line, and then begins the next paragraph of the text of
the article or book review, flush against the left margin again except
perhaps for the indented first line of each paragraph.

Some readers may not care to know when they encounter a block quote.  I do,
though, because it tells me that the text in that block is coming
fromoutside the rest of what I'm reading.

I hope that's clear and helpful.

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Would you shoot me if I said they're to indicate the beginning and end of a block quote? A block quote is an extended quotation encompassing more than a few lines. It has nothing to do with sighted people as such.

You can turn voicing of block quote information off in the configuration
manager, HTML options, text tab.


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