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  • From: "Alan Clendinen" <alanclendinen@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <kanderson@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 4 Dec 2005 04:41:26 -0500


First of all, I strongly urge you to return that HP laptop and get one with either XP Home or XPPro.

You don't want this "Media Center" version, especially since it requires upgrading your JAWS authorization to JFW Pro, which charges more for the yearly SMA.

I also suspect that this "XP Media Center" version will have problems working with JFW Pro, so best to switch to a laptop with either XP Home or XP Pro to avoid any compatibility hassles.

If you opt to stick with that XP Media Center laptop, you will not need to buy a new JFW Pro package; you will only need to pay about $250 to upgrade your JFW authorization to the Pro version, but again, I advise you to swap for a laptop with either XP Home or XP Pro and avoid this media center system.

Good luck getting this mess straightened out.


Katrina wrote:
After spending the last week dealing with several problems getting a new
desktop computer to work, it turns out I am faced with the worst problem of
all, and everything I have gone through thus far may have been a huge waste
of time, money, and resources.  Obviously I will contact FS Monday about
this matter, but that will be my first day back to work after a long
vacation, so I may not have an easy time of getting to speak with somebody
during business hours.  In the meantime, I was hoping somebody on this list
could help.

I thought that my new computer came with Windows XP Home, but instead it has
Windows XP Media Center.  I had never heard of that, and actually had
thought there were only two versions (Home or Pro).  I knew to not get
Windows XP Pro, but apparently I should have known to stress that my version
of JFW would only work with XP Home, and made sure to not get the Media
Center.  I had called FS to ask if there was anything I needed to stay away
from and/or know about before buying the computer.  I specifically asked
about the ATI video card, as I had heard that could be a problem.  I was
advised on that topic, but was given no other advice.  Oh well, that is
water under the bridge.  Now I need to figure out how to solve the problem
at hand.  After installing JFW, I was given a message about this version of
JFW not working with XP Pro, etc.  I thought that was interesting, because I
didn't purchase XP Pro.  I did a bit of research on the FS Website, and
learned that FS does not support Media Center (and/or hasn't tested it), but
that it would work with the professional version of JFW.  Well, it was a
great time to find that out!  (frown)

As I see it, there are three choices.  First of all I called HP to ask if
the HP Pavilion with Windows XP Media Center could be changed to XP Home.  I
was told absolutely it could not!  I was advised to return the computer, and
get one with XP Home, so that is my second option.  Or then there is the
third option of purchasing the JFW Pro version.  Since the first option
appears to be out of the question, I'm left with two choices.  I truly don't
want to think about returning the computer and getting another one, as I
have spent a good deal of time and money getting this computer working.  I
have had lots of people help with transportation, installation, etc.  This
past week I was on vacation, but Monday it is back to reality.  I never
considered that I couldn't have this computer working before returning to
the stress of my job.  But, it is unfortunately going to happen that way.

It is a long story, but all of it revolves around the installation of a
secondary hard drive (from my old computer), and the floppy from the old
computer.  Best Buy ran into a major problem, which they thought was a flaw
in my new computer.  Turned out the problem lied in their network.  I don't
even know if they will take this computer back after all of the work that
has been done.  Fortunately I have had access to transportation this past
week, so it was possible to travel back and forth to Best Buy multiple
times.  That transportation will not be available after tomorrow, and I am
definitely not going to pay for a taxi considering the distance involved.

So, that makes me lean toward the latter choice....getting the JFW Pro
version.  Now my much would I have to pay to get that
software?  I just purchased version 6.1 a few months ago, and have been
using version 7 most recently.  I really am not sure I can afford another
thousand dollars.  Since I already have JFW, and a Sma, would I have to pay
the full price?  And, since FS hasn't tested Media Center should I stay away
from it?

All thoughts would be greatly appreciated!



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