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  • From: "Linda Yacks" <lyacks@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sat, 28 Oct 2006 15:11:27 -0500

Hi Angie,

I have a solution for you.  It takes a few keystrokes, but you will be able
to do what you want.  First, you will want to create a folder in your
mydocuments folder.  I sell Tupperware and I have a Tupperware folder with
some subfolders, catalogs, customers, Etc.  So, you could create a subfolder
with your business name and then create folders ffor all your clients.  When
you are in an email message, you can save it this way.  Press alt-f and then
from the file menu, press a for save as.  This dialog box looks just like
any other save dialog box.  You can tab through it.  I found that my
mydocuments folder seemed to be the default folder and that I could tab over
to the folder/file list.  arrow down to the folder you want and press enter.
If you need to go to a subfolder of that one, jus arrow down to that folder
and press enter.  Then you will get a list of files in that folder.  tab to
the filename field and name the file anyway you want to and press enter.  I
experimented with this with two email messages before writing this to you.
You will get a text file that has everything that appears in the email
message starting with the from , date, and to lines.

It would be really nice if someone could come up with a shortcut for this,
but I am not that good.  I sure hope this helps.

Linda Y

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