Re: Firefox vs IE6 and JAWS

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  • Date: Mon, 8 Sep 2008 15:57:50 -0400

Legitimate question. Almost all navigation commands are the same. For 
favorites, press alt-b instead of alt-a. To open a new page, instead of 
pressing control-o, press either control-l or, to simultaneously open a new 
tab, control-t. Otherwise, h, f, n, etc., all work as in IE6. You will 
encounter some pages that Firefox doesn't handle as well, but many more that it 
handles better.

You can download add-ons to Firefox that provide some help. One enables you to 
switch to IE on a given page. Another gives you control over whether to open or 
download a PDF file. What convinced me to switch to Firefox was its superior 
handling of PDF files. I can read some via Firefox that were impossible with IE.
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I'm thinking of downloading and installing Firefox to try to take advantage of 
that audio captcha add-on through web bism and wanted to know if the two 
browsers interact similarly with JAWS, or are the commands to use Firefox 
completely different from IE6 in terms of opening pages, moving to 
links/buttons/mouseovers, etc. Sorry for the inane question, but I honestly 
have no clue and would like to know what to expect if I do try to use it.

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