RE: Filling in blank edit fields in Word 2003 doc

  • From: "Robert R. Matti" <rrmsr1@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: jfw@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 17 Nov 2004 13:02:14 -0800

The form I am trying to fill out is a Services Evaluation form sent to me 
as an attachment by the management of the retirement village I reside in
The title and path of the attachment is C:\Program 
Files\Qualcomm\Eudora\Attach\Evaluation of Services 11-04 pg 2.doc since 
this has a doc extension and opens up in my Word 2003 program I figure it 
must have been written with some version of Word.
The form has several fields to be filled in such as Yes ____No____etc.
I am trying to type an x in one of the above fields and have the x appear 
on top of the underline but so far I have not been successful doing this 
unless I select the underline, then delete it and have my x underlined as I 
type it in which works fine but I thought there was some way of typing an x 
and having it be on top of the existing underline.
Below the yes, no etc. fields are several lines for comments this is where 
it would really be nice if the typed in comment would go above or on top of 
the existing underline.
What I mean by both move the underline to the right is with the doc open in 
Word when I toggle insert or over type(control, alt i)it makes no 
difference as far as getting the typing to go above the underline.
Need some way of getting into forms mode
I hope the above is understandable, if not and there is a method of 
accomplishing the above I would be most happy to contact you (Chip) by 
phone if you give me your number and best time to call you, I live in the 
Pacific time zone.

On Wednesday 11/17/2004, Chip Orange said:
>You'll need to better explain what you mean by "they both move the
>underline to the right".
>It would also help if you could tell us if the document is actually
>using word form fields, or is it just an ordinary document that you are
>supposed to modify in the correct places.
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> > Hello,
> > I am trying to complete an evaluation form, the form is in Word 2003.
> > How do I get my comments to type in above the underline of=20
> > the blank fields that are to be filled in?
> > I have tried insert and over type and both move the underline=20
> > to the right.
> > My o s is xp professional, using Jaws 5.10.383, also have=20
> > Magic 9.00.499 but rarely use Magic.
> >=20
> > Have a nice day
> > Robert R. "Bob" Matti & Elegant Eldon
> > Mailto:rrmsr1@xxxxxxxxxxx

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