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You *MUST* remember that anything you post on Face Book is public and is
available to anyone.

Even though you may mark things as private they really are not.

There are folks out there who fish face book just looking for such news so
they know who is not home.

Cy, The Anasazi 


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Not a good idea to let anyone know you're not going to be home. So if you
can't trust FB then send out E-mail directly only to your trusted friends.

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Howdy Facebook users,


Does anyone know if on Facebook, one can write something to only a select
group of people without having to post it as an event?

For instance, I want to let my friends from my home town know that I'll be
going to visit but don't need to let all of my other friends know so as not
to clutter up things on their end.

I thought of doing it as an event, but that's probably not the way to go.
The group is large enough.


Any ideas?




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