FS Reader key commands

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  • Date: Sun, 4 Dec 2005 19:42:19 -0800

I'm just beginning to delve into the Daisy format training material for the 
first time.  I approached it through the Help Menu of Jaws.  I got the table 
of contents for this material to open, chose a book, or topic, and began 
playing it automatically with the FS Reader.

However, except for being able to pause and restart play, which I managed to 
catch from minutes of listening to introductory material that was so 
repetitious and pleasantly droning that I couldn't retain much of it, I 
don't know any commands to speed it up, fast forward or reverse, slow it 
down, skip around the material, and so forth.  I would really prefer to just 
read this information somewhere in Jaws, not sit and wander aimlessly 
through those folders unable to actually control the reading.  Again, this 
may not be the way others feel, but what are supposed to be the introductory 
explanations recorded in the help area were nearly impossible for me to pay 
attention to, let alone learn the basics from.  Everything wound up muddled 
in my brain and is quickly evaporating.

Does anyone know if there's a text file somewhere that introduces the FS 
Reader?  I would love to be just reading most of this in Jaws, so that I 
could later find a book I was really interested in amidst all the training 
material, open it and use the FS Reader skills I learned from reading a text 

Any help from experienced folks, here?  thanks. 

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