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Good morning, Kelly.

It's true that Richard A. Chandler was head of FS, but you assert he is a member of the famous Chandler family, one-time owners of the Los Angeles Times, Baltimore Sun, Hartford Courant and other newspapers. That family connection isn't made in the article to which you link below, nor does a quick Google search provide any other confirmation.

What is your basis for saying that this Chandler comes from that background? This subject isn't JAWS-related, but Yardbird is right that you've made an assertion that needs validation.
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If a Google search is performed on the words

freedom scientific chandler

one will find a number of results including:

from the AFB. It described how Richard Chandler attended CSun one year, found an interest in the adaptive technology industry, and connected with some entrepreneurs who had started companies and wanted to cash out.


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I've read this passage over a few times, but I don't yet understand what it means. I'm familiar with the history of the Los Angeles Times, including the transfer of controlling interest from the Chandler family to the Tribune Company, a change I think has been very unfortunate for the times in terms of operating budget, first and foremost. Not quite catastrophic, but close to it. What I'd like to know is what do you mean by this sentence. Please understand, I'm not arguing with you. I'm saying I literally don't understand what you're saying, here. The passage says that the Chandler family formerly owned Freedom Scientific, and goes on to imply that you have a low opinion of the manner in which they managed it. So far as I'm aware, the Chandlers never have owned Freedom Scientific. Am I mistaken? Has this company been one of their holdings until now?


you wrote: somehow you think the Chandler family of Los Angeles, the former owner of Freedom Scientific, was just as good as Ted Hinter or Dean blazie and will be better than the Kuwaitis who bought it.

-- I disagree. They combined a hardware company and a software company, which is rarely done in the technology industry, and never really took on the job of integrating products. they avoided the real work of product integration and apparently lost patience with FS as they did with the Tribune Company, recently forcing its sale. With Tribune, they weren't happy with 20 percent profits but a stagnant share price so they demanded liquidation.


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I was not concerned when the HJ products became part of FS. This sale, however, does concern me. As a JFW owner (along with a couple of FS notetakers) I am concerned about technical support, updates as free from bugs as possible, cost containment, the whole bit. I wonder what incentive the new owners will have to not only sell product but keep the blind and VI community happy and informed customers. Will they even hire blind folks or farm the tech support out to somebody in India? Will they bother to send people to conventions and CSUN and the like? I know, so many questions and no answers yet. But I feel these are things to think about. Hopefully we will hear something official from FS soon regarding these matters. Take care, Norma

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