Re: Excel 2003 pivot table reports with JAWS 11

  • From: "Dave Carlson" <dgcarlson@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <jfw@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 4 Feb 2010 20:56:00 -0800

I've had absolutely no success with pivot tables. I'm amazed at how much you 
have been able to do yourself. I'll have to give the defaults a try to see what 

Thanks for the encouraging words.

But sorry that I'm not able to help you specifically.

I asked FS years ago if we would ever have access to the pivot table creator, 
and they said "no" because the interface is graphical and requires dragging 
items from one place to another.

Sad, because pivot tables are a very powerful tool.


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  Subject: Excel 2003 pivot table reports with JAWS 11


  I'm working in Vista, with JAWS 11 and Excel 2003.  

  I'm trying to learn to use pivot tables.

  I've been able to create reports by running the pivot table wizard with just 
its default settings, and then using the pivot table toolbars to select certain 
fields to put in the row, column and data areas.  

  My problem is that when I put a field in the page area, as I understand it, 
Excel should create a page of the report for each value that occurs in that 
  I am able to see the page withh a summary for all values, 
  but am not able to navigate to any other pages where there should be data for 
each discreet value in the page area field.

  For instance, when I put Country in the page area, Salesperson in the row 
area, and Amount in the data area, 
  I get one page with all Salespersons and Amounts for all Countries together.
  I can not find any other report pages, for instance showing just Salespersons 
and Amounts for Country=USA,
  or on another page just for Country=UK.

  The Excel Help instructions say there should be an arrow next to Country on 
the report, and that by clicking on that arrow, I should be able to move to 
these other pages.
  I'm not finding a menu/toolbar/keyboard equivalent for that arrow.

  Has anyone worked with Excel 2003 pivot tables?
  Specifically, has anyone found a way to view multiple pages on a pivot table 

  Thanks in advance!


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