Re: Excel 2003 Web Query Smart Tag definition?

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I am still working on this project.  But if I figure it out it is so easy to 
access important info from sites.  I can create a company report if you are 
interested which gives a summary what a company does and other financial info.  
If one has an interview it would be easy to research about that company in a 
couple minutes.  Also if you wish to buy a stock it might give you some 
insights.    But this tool is endless to do specific research on anything.  
Jaws research it feature is similar and I just downloaded the info from FS 
site.  Hope to be able to get info more easily so I'll keep working on this.    
Here are my Excel notes:
Download link for 
Excel spreadsheet with a web Query for stock quotes called 
You may Need to copy and paste link into your browser because link name is too 
Enter on text only version and read page until download link
or Type "H" twice for download  
After downloading and opening Excel spreadsheet called StockQuoteTemplate.xls 
2 buttons appear 
 Press button that Enables data to be refreshed
press control +G for GoTo Excel command  
type c6 and enter 
Type stock symbol and enter 
 go to b11 right and left arrow for company stock quotes  
On B11 enter on stock symbol to link to web

to get company report use insert+f7 enter on print report link
type x and check company report
type b for button enter on generate report new browser window opens 
enter on print link
company report displayed on screen which looks like a PDF
Other notes:
Press alt+F5 key to refresh
There are many links on this page as well.  It is easier navigating site 
using this work book.
Microsoft link for Excel Web Queries:
Smart Tag link:

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  Ann Marie,

  You're way above my head. I'm going to keep your name on my list if I have 
any Excel questions.

  Sorry I can't help.

  Composed on a Dell Latitude 630 in the general vicinity of my Audio Recording 
and Mixing Studios, San Francisco Bay Area.
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    Hi all,
    I am trying to define a smart tag for company report in Excel 203 to go to 
the MSN central money site.  Right now if you enter a stock ticker symbol in 
c6, the stock price action is populated in B11:q11 or so.  
    If I enter on B11 I go to site and company report is a check box under 
print report.  So I would like to link the new company report smart tag to this 
site so the company report will be included on spread sheet.  

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