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Drive snapshot is an excellent, low cost, accessible, drive image utility, that 
provides a full imaging solution without a complicated or messy installation.
One advantage of this utility is that it does not require a reboot, or use a 
boot-time image creation process; it will run in the background from Windows 
while you carry on doing other work.  (It does advise you to refrain from heavy 
disk use while the imaging process starts up).  Most other drive imaging 
software will require you to shutdown and reboot your machine while the image 
is taken, usually before the screen reader is launched.

The image files it creates can be mounted using the included simple software 
that means that you can browse an image file using Windows Explorer as if it 
was simply another drive.  You can copy files and folders from this image to 
your "live" disk drive, which is a very simple way of restoring data files. 
(This method will not allow a full restoration of a complete disk).  The full 
restoration of a disk image may require some sighted assistance or script/batch 
writing to automate the process, but the image files provide an accessible form 
of data backup.
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  Hi List:

  I would like to find a drive imaging program for backing up my hard drive. 
What drive imaging programs work with JAWS? E.G. True Image, Norton Ghost, etc. 

  Thanks in advance.

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