Re: Dragon Naturally speaking 7.3 and jfw

  • From: "Jerry Richer" <jerry@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <jfw@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 29 Mar 2005 06:24:15 -0500

     Jerry!  There is nothing that I know of in newer versions of JAWS to
make the setup and use of Naturally Speaking any easier than it has ever
been.  J-Say makes setting up and using Naturally Speaking simple.  However
it is possible to setup and use Naturally Speaking without J-Say but like I
said this would take a JAWS power user.  Where do we draw the line.  Brian
who develops J-Say and who is blind was able to setup Naturally Speaking and
use it without J-Say but Brian is a power user and such a power user that he
has made setting up and using Naturally Speaking simple for all of us.  If I
want a new dining room table I suppose I could build one but I'd sooner just
go out and buy one already made.
     The prices of J-Say Standard and J-Say Professional are: $345.00 and
$575.00 respectively.  J-Say Standard is for dictation and J-Say
Professional is for complete computer control, no hands at all.  J-Say
Professional only works with Naturally Speaking Professional which itself
costs $600.00 or the Legal and Medical versions of Naturally Speaking which
cost $995.00 each.
     I don't think that Brian or T and T Consultancy has a new upgrade
policy.  I think of it more as a developing policy.  Once J-Say is purchased
it is very much locked into the specific versions of both JAWS and Naturally
Speaking it was meant for.  When JAWS or Naturally Speaking versions are
changed then history shows us that J-Say breaks.  Upgrades are $115.00.  I
tell people this now that I know it, and it's recent information.  I advise
that unless you're prepared to spend $115.00 every few months then just keep
an older version of JAWS and Naturally Speaking on your system.  We do this
now for other applications.
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