Re: Download link for MS Security essentials?

  • From: "Gerald Levy" <bwaylimited@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 16 Nov 2009 07:06:19 -0500

Don't bother with the MS web site,  Instead, visit the web site below and arrow 
down to the three links in the body of the article to download MSE.  Select the 
link appropriate for your OS, and your download will start immediately. As long 
as you have a genuine copy of Windows, the set-up and installation should be a 
breeze. There is no captcha, registration or special configuration settings to 
deal with.

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  Subject: Download link for MS Security essentials?

  A member of this list suggested using the Microsoft Security Essentials 
anti-virus software, and provided the following link:

  Okay, I went there and searched around, trying a number of links, searching 
in vain for a download link. Microsoft seems to be imitating AVG, who also 
likes to hide their free anti-virus software in a rat's maze.

  Can someone please provide a link that leads to the actual download page? 


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