Re: Does anyone think that j say would work with sonar?

  • From: "Korin Trytko" <gryffontko@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 18 Oct 2006 08:30:02 -0700

First, you would have to find out if Dragon would work with Sonar because 
Dragon is the program that lets you control your computer by voice commands.  
If it does though JSay might work.  I know, as with jaws, people write J-Say 
scripts for other programs.  Hmm, they may write them for Dragon too, not sure. 
You may want to ask the folks at J-Say.  They're pretty easy to talk to.

Oh, and there is a J-Say list too. It's not usually very busy but I have had 
great feedback often from the people working most closely with J-Say.

Hope this helps a little


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  Subject: Does anyone think that j say would work with sonar?

  Hi, i'd like to know if anyone thinks that j say would work well with sonar.  
I'm thinking that the blind musician, producers will be able to have access to 
things through speaking what they want to do in sonar that they couldn't get 
just through the scripting of sonar.  I'm not trying to minimize what the 
scripts for sonar mean to all who use them, but i'm asking if it may be 
possible for us to gain access to different features and functions through 
speaking commands that we have not been able to get access to through the 
keystrokes and the different scripts.

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