Digest mode clutter

  • From: "Phil Halton" <philhalt@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <jfw@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 29 Dec 2004 13:01:15 -0500

I'd like to address a growing problem with this most useful of lists for the 
blind--its digest mode!

todays digest was 538KB in size, and that's becoming the norm.  That's over 
half a megabyte.  Its becoming unmanageable and unnavigable to put it 

The reason is simple, and so is the solution!  At least sixty percent of the 
digest is clutter made up of old messages that are attached to each new 
message.  When responding to a message, if people could simply delete all 
but the most recent of former messages in the particular thread they are 
responding to, the problem would solve itself.

Please, PLEASE, PLEASE!  I beg of you in the name of all that's good and 
decent in this world, and in deference to those who use the digest, PLEASE 
take a moment to remove the unnecessary clutter at the end of the messages 
you are replying to.  By not doing so, you are unwittingly adding to the 

Just highlight and delete all but the most recent message in the thread.

If there are others who feel the same, will you please speak up on this 

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