Different plan of Attack

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  • Date: Fri, 22 Jan 2010 08:11:32 EST

Hi List members.  Cross posting this question to get different  feedback on 
this topic.  I've been sending messages of complaint to GSN  formerly Game 
Show network saying that I'm not able to play the games on the  site and 
therefore don't have the same chance to win the Oodles points sighted  people 
can win to cash in for prizes.  I can only answer the daily  questions and 
therefore win 50/100 oodles at a time.  It would take me a  thousand days 
straight just to win enough oodles to cash in for some prizes and  that is if I 
get all questions right.  I can't even enter the chat during  GSN live and 
the only way I can play a game connected to the channel is to enter  the GSN 
live games every day.  They say they can't program the site they  say since 
flash is the standard on game sites they are obviously sticking with  it.  
It's funny how they say in replies thanks for being a part of the GSN  
community.  I sure feel like a second class citizen.  AOL did the  right thing 
why can't the people at GSN?  even when the National  federation of the 
blind and gw Micro or Freedom scientific are brought to their  attention 
changes.  I will not accept the fact that I will never  ever be able to win 
all that money on bingo blitz, Yeah I can't even enter those  drawings.  So 
rather than keep harping to deaf ears, the thought I had in  mind is what 
can we do to help make GSN accessible from the screen readers point  of view? 
 Rather than making the site accessible, what can we do to make  the screen 
reader accessible to the site.  One of the advantages of using  flash is 
that it is smaller in terms of drive space.  A version of the  Adobe flash 
player is less than two MB, Whereas the windows media player or the  real 
player are close to or even over 20 MB.  Flash does provide better  quality 
and video in a smaller player.  So I'd like the opinion of  Jaws, 
Window-eyes, and NVDA users how we can make the screen readers work on the  GSN 
and play the games there.  We can lick the recent CD baby issue as  well as 
the Pandora issue too.  of course part of my problem is dial up  connection, 
and I'm working on going broadband so that will be taken care of  soon.  So 
the question is, if GSN, CD baby,or Pandora won't make the sites  work with 
a screen reader, what can we do to make it work the other way  around?  how 
can we develop screen reading software to work with their  sites?  This is 
going to take people with site to do it, but I think  especially with an 
Open source Screen reader like NVDA we can do it.  If  they won't make sites 
accessible, let's try it the other way around.  Many  of my friends and the 
members of the computer talk club of NJ are worried that  the developers of 
assistive technology won't be able to keep up and in a couple  years we'll no 
longer have any access to anything on the Internet.  More  and more sites 
are going this direction and I think it's up to us to change  it.  What can we 
do about this issue?  I would ask that some of you  take a look at that 
site _www.gsn.com_ (http://www.gsn.com)  and if you  are already registered, 
take a look at the wonder wheel and other games  especially the versions of 
games that aren't generally visual like  Jeopardy.  There is no reason why 
that isn't accessible when the show  clearly is.  They had blind players on it. 
 Family Feud too and why is  the version of Deal or no Deal not accessible. 
 Clearly the show is.   Tell me how a blind player couldn't go on that show 
Huh?  Let's tackle this  one together.  Thanks Ken.
I pledge to  participate actively in the efforts of the national federation 
of the blind to  achieve equality, opportunity, and security for the blind; 
to support the  policies and programs of the federation; and abide by it's  

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