Re: Daisy reader

  • From: Bill <>
  • To: jfw@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 22 Dec 2004 06:40:17 -0500

daisy is designed with the blind in mind

so it allows jumping to chapters and that sort of thing in a real easy manner.

also publishers like it because it is copy protected format making copying 
of books on cd rom harder to do.

their are 2 companies that do readers i no of, one victor is from canada 
and i suspect they did the one for f s.

the biggest problem from my stand point is highlighting text or speech for 
reading later.

so one can read only the selected text.

this is usually not allowed with approved readers   that work with books 
from rfb and d.
the reason such a feature is not present is due in part to the copy 
protection of the document and that publishers do not want you to be able 
to copy it.

to highlight audio for instance you really are copying part of the  audio 
track to another location.

if you can copy part of it you can copy all of it.

so the ability to duplicate the thing i would like to see most in daisy is 
unfortunately not available.

most sighted folks use a yellow marker to mark stuf f they want to reread 
for a test, this is a major factor in time management in colledge that 
sighted students use.

so when they red the chapter the seconnd time they read only the 
highlighted stuff.

it would be great if we could also have this feature and with daisy its 
possible but it is not their to protect publishers.

my whole pointt being with out this feature daisy in my view is not all 
that much better than say other formats.

like mp3 or html.

maybe they could modify the book marks so they have beginning and ending 
book marks that would read all info in between.

untill they have this feature i see no reason in buying the reader unless 
your a colledge student who needs to have access to these books from r f b 
and d.
even then as noted above its full potential is not realized.


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