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  • Date: Tue, 24 Nov 2009 17:15:54 -0600

To read a daisy book:

1. set focus on JAWS
2. press alt H  for the help menu
3. press ENTER on training  this will put you in the reader
4. arrow up and/or down to the topic/subtopic you want and press enter

keys to use:
ctrl P  to play/pause Dan Clark's reading
ctrl comma to go back 5 seconds
ctrl period to advance 5 seconds

then with voice reading paused, press tab to go to reading the text with Jaws.

With the reader active if you go to another application the play/pause, back 
and forward 5 second keys stay active so you can read the tutorial while you 
are in the other application.


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  Hi friends,

  I am just downloading the Daisy Book for Microsoft Office 2007.  Can anyone 
tell me how I can listen to it please, I have never listened to any of them 

  Many thanks in anticipation,


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