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  • Date: Fri, 1 Jul 2005 16:42:06 -0400

Thanks for the info Chip.  How do I find out if my Norton Corporate edition has 
a firewall built into it?  If it does and it is not turned on how do I get to 
it to turn it on?  Thanks, Judith
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  Hi Judith,

  One thing you could do with your current ISP is set up an auto-responder 
message (this is usually done via their web mail interface) that tells anyone 
who sends email to your address that it has changed to <give your new address> 
and they will need to resend the email.  Alternatively, if you don't 
necessarily want everyone to know your new email address, again via your old 
ISPs web email interface, you can set it up to forward all email to your new 
email address, and then notify those people who send you something that your 
address has changed.  You'd have to do this on a case-by-case basis though.

  You'd then keep both old and new ISP accounts active for some period of time 
(say 3 months) to give everyone time to get the news.  You may be able to 
switch your old isp account to a type where you don't get much time (because 
you won't need any) and save a little money for these months.

  As for your sending out a broadcast email,  Each email program is different, 
but basically you go into your address book and select all and then choose to 
send a message.

  Lastly,  If your Norton doesn't have a software firewall, you should have 
one.  If it's not constantly telling you that various programs are trying to 
get to the internet, and asking you if it should let them or not, then it 
doesn't have one or you don't have it turned on.  This is a bother at first, 
and confusing as you're not always sure how to answer, but it is supposed to 
alert you when/if programs you don't recognize want to get to the internet that 
you could possibly have some spyware.

  DSL is no more dangerous than being on the internet dialed up, unless you 
leave your pc turned on all the time; leaving it turned on gives the bad guys 
more time to try and play with it is all, but dsl is not inherantly any more 



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    Hi Friends,
    We are looking into getting DSL.  Here are my questions:
    1.  How do I notify everyone in muy address book that my email address has 
    2.  Do I need a firewall or any other software with DSL?  I have Norton 
corporate edition, windows 98 and Jaws 5.1.  Thanks, Judith

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