DECtalk Access32 with JFW 11

  • From: "Gary King" <w4wkz@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <jfw@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 16 Nov 2009 17:03:21 -0600

Is anyone on the list using the GW Micro version of DECtalk Access32 with JFW 
11 on a Windows XP system?  This synthesizer, purchased several years ago,  
worked fine for me with previous versions of JFW and throughout the Public Beta 
cycle of JFW 11, but does not work with the final release of JFW 11 or with 
Build 734 which followed.

JFW Tech Support was of no help, saying they had no other reports of problems 
with DECtalk Access32, even though they knew there were other DECtalk Access32 
users.  That's one reason I'm trying to find out just how many people out there 
still use this synthesizer.  FS did support their own version of DECtalk 
Access32 in the past, but I thought they were no longer selling versions of JFW 
that were authorized for it.  However, I recently heard from a JFW user that 
still used the FS version with JFW 11.  This makes me wonder if the FS version 
is the only one that does work with JFW11.

On the download page for JFW 11, I saw a note about a problem resolution which 

Resolved a reported issue where, when trying to use JAWS and DECTalk Access32 
without authorization, the pitch and rate settings for Eloquence were set to 
the maximum values. 

I am suspicious that this problem resolution broke support for the version of 
the synthesizer that I use.  I have been trying to compare various .ini and.jcf 
files from the Beta with those from the Final Release to determine what FS may 
have changed, but the change might not be in these files.

If you've read through this message, you have probably figured out by now that 
I would like to use DECtalk Access32 with JFW 11.  Hopefully, I will find out 
what FS did to break support for it and be able to fix it.

Gary King

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