Re: Custom List View

  • From: Soronel Haetir <soronel.haetir@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: jfw@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 10 Jan 2010 07:14:48 -0900

Okay, I meant the JAWS Adjust JAWS Options dialog doesn't have
anything directly on point.  This does seem to be controlled by the
verbosity setting, I changed to Advanced in the verbosity settings and
now it doesn't speak the position/count even when switching focus.

There is an Item Number listing in the verbosity settings but messing
with it makes it appear that the scripts don't check it in all the
places they should.

On 1/10/10, Soronel Haetir <soronel.haetir@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I would love an answer to this as well, having it announce the
> position and count when a list first gets focus is all well and good
> but it would be nice if that were part of the standard information.
> Tree-views also for that matter.
> There have been random times with random applications where JAWS has
> in fact done this for me, but I have been unable to find anything in
> the verbosity window or configuration manager that seems directly on
> point.
> On 1/10/10, Laura Shumate <SKH71934@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Hi, List,
>>       I was wondering if anyone knew how to custmize the list view so
>> that
>> Jaws says for example 2 of 200?
>>      Thanks,
>>      Laura
> --
> Soronel Haetir
> soronel.haetir@xxxxxxxxx

Soronel Haetir
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