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  • From: John Martyn <johnrobertmartyn@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sat, 2 Apr 2011 09:49:46 -0800

I am just not sure. I don't want to annoy people. This code stuff gets all 
technical and boring. I would just hit the delete key too. Speaking of creating 
a new list...I just tried and it gives me this error.
Error: Please go back and fill in all fields.
I filled out my email, list name, and click next. that's all. I want to name 
the list BlindTunesBeta all one word.
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  From: Peter Holdstock 
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  Subject: Re: Request to John Martin's beta testers

  I agree, I think most people on the list will want to see the progress as it 
happens, partly because many of us are impressed with John’s enthusiasm, skills 
and willingneess to help blind computer users. Even those not trying the beta 
version might have useful input in to it’se development and thus help John in 
development of scripts for programmes they are interested in.


  From: George B 
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  Subject: RE: Request to John Martin's beta testers

  well then just keep deleatting them because this is a jaws issue


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  Subject: Request to John Martin's beta testers


  Can you possibly take this discussion off-list? The work is valuable, and the 
results will be important to many list members, but it's taken over. I'm just 
deleting messages without reading them. 

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