Re: Creating Message Rules in OE/WM

  • From: "Steve Britt" <swimmer953@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <jfw@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 9 Feb 2008 10:02:56 -0600

Jake, the underlined value part of the rules is accessible; there's a 
navigation trick I'll show you that might make things easier.
In the message rules screen, after you click on the initial add button:
when you get to the third tab where it tells you to click on an underlined 
area, hit down arrow once and it'll tell you the actual field where you type in 
the value you want it to look for. At this point, hit enter, tab down to okay, 
and hit enter again. You're back at the third tab once again. If you're making 
a delete rule, then, at this point, you can tab through and finish the rule.
If you're making a rule that'll move the applied messages to a particular 
folder (assuming that particular foler exists), then there's an additional step 
you'll need to take: hit down arrow twice, and it'll ask you which folder you 
want the applied messages to go to. Hit enter at this point, and you'll be 
presented with a list of folders. Hit down arrow until you hear the folder you 
want, then tab to the okay button, and hit enter. At this point, you can tab 
through and finish the rest of the rule.
Hope this helps.

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  Hi all. I have been getting a message from Yahoo! every single day since I 
started using my new email account, and I want it permanently deleted from the 
server each time. How do I do this? I tried going to Message Rules and then 
following the instructions from there, but it says to click on an underlined 
value and that part appears not to be accessible. Thanks.
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