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I give you major props. I wish I new how to scrip. Sounds real complicating
but with the education background I have, I doubt I could learn it.

Keep up the good work.


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it is called jaws script

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What computer language do you use?  

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I did code the sidebar sources in there. You can jump back to the sidebar
from anywhere, even the store or radio. I have not played with connecting an
iTouch yet, but soon enough. I got a lot done so far today. Fast forward and
rewind now work well and even tell you the time it jumps. I put a starting
message on there too and tell if the the application is responding. There
were some tricky parts to iTunes such as how I got the window parts working
and how to identify them. Gotta keep that a secret on here because I don't
want ol jTunes to use that trick.  I need to finish up the shortcut menu for
beta testing here. I'll get this tonight. Beta testers get ready because you
will need to get this from me. Once again, if you are beta testing, make
sure to send me an email off list with the subject header, beta tester. I
can then send it to you.

Wow, once I got the technique, coding this was fast. Helps that I had most
of the code already from rhapsody blind.

I believe tomorrow I will post that I am done for the initial beta. I must
go to some music thing for my class so I will not be around. You might start
getting the beta by tomorrow night.

Anyway, keep up with suggestions.



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John, this is looking good! As to source items, the devices section is
pretty critical for us iphone users. We get the stuff on board either by
syncing or manually installing to the iphone. Setting up the sync is poky,
and doing it manually is worse.  It would be nice to be able to jump quickly
between lists in the iphone and the resident source lists such as music,
apps, books,  or podcasts. If doing manual loads to the iphone the ability
to easily skip back and forth between these source lists would be very



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Ok, I figured out a way to keep track of these wayward windows. I have built
in a lot of stuff so far. It works so smooth with all these shortcuts. I can
move lightning fast through things and getting info like artist album track
currently playing, timecode, status of tracks, quick search, quickly shift
from the sidebar sources to the track lists by just hitting enter. Also, you
can jump to the sidebar sources area and move directly to the top of the
list of objects. Also, you can access the library  directly, but this
feature kinda seems redundant since you can quickly switch to the sidebar
and just hit enter to pop into the library. I am working on the fast forward
thing to make it simple to do. Now is the time when I need your input on how
you want to navigate this application.  The coding is going very quickly and
I should start focusing on the store portion and connecting devices to work
with like an iTouch etc..

Also I am wondering if it would be helpful to say how many tracks were found
after a search. You can quickly jump to the search box, type something and
hit enter, then it pops you right into the library instead of using F6. I
really didn't like that key as it was a time waster. 

What would be helpful is if you tabbed through iTunes from the source area
to see what buttons and info you want quick access to. This is a matter of
preference but I'll try to accomodate the best ideas.

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