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I get on with microsoft office 2010 just fine, but then that's probably
because I'm a self confessed jaws bighead.


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Yes, it could use much help I agree. If there was one application in the
suite, it was access that was mostly inaccessible. I could certainly do
something with it as it is also microsoft accessibility access that drives
the windows. Just refining some how the windows behave would be something to
reckon with. My question is what version though. The virtual bar from what I
have heard in 2010 is not an easy thing to get to. It might turn into
needing to work with the whole suite. Also, what are FS plans to fix this?
We'll need to ask them if there is something around the corner for it.

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Subject says it all.

Composed on a Dell Latitude 630 in the general vicinity of my Audio
Recording and Mixing Studios, San Francisco Bay Area.

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One thing that might be helpful to everyone is to change the subject line to
say: Coding and then name the application so we don't have a bunch of emails
with the same name in case we need to track it.

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