Re: Can anyone open PDFs with Jaws really

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  • Date: Sat, 28 Jun 2008 19:16:02 -0500

Does Open Book work the same when it comes to reading PDF files?  Just a 

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  Hi, Jim.  There are a number of things to look at here.  One is whether the 
pdf documents people are sending you contain text.  If they don't, you need to 
perform OCR on them with a program designed to read print, so that the text 
wwill be recognized and turned into readable text.  



  When you say you have the latest version of Adobe Reader, I assume you mean 
version 8.  It would be interesting to know what happens when you try to open a 
pdf document with this version.  


  There is a third-party program that some people like to use, pdf2txt.  It is 
free, and it can do a limited job of performing OCR on the pdf's that are just 
pictures of text. You can get it at


  If you already use the EdSharp editor, the pdf conversion routine is included 
in it.


  This should get you started.  Pdf documents are mostly quite usable, so we 
should be able to figure this out.




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  Subject: Can anyone open PDFs with Jaws really


  Hi all, People keep sending me PDF documents. I have the latest Adobe 
software, yet I can not open the documents. Can any of you help me. I am using 
Jaws 7.0 with Win XP home. Is there third party software for this task.  Thank 
you in advance!

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