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Too bad they moved. I used to go every year when it was out here at the
Mariot and Hilton by the Los Angeles airport. It was fun to play with all
the new toys and load up on literature.


I?ll be sure to check out the podcasts and whatnot. Thanks for the heads up.



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Those of us who can't attend the CSUN Conference in San Diego can enjoy
hearing about all of the new assistive technology from the comfort of our
easy chairs.


already has some audio interviews on their web page and


will have coverage of the conference as the week progresses.


When I was working, I attended the major technology conferences, but now
that I'm retired, it's nice to just relax, lean back and listen.  There's no
need to take my shoes off at the airport, and I can have all of the
explosive liquids I want.


Gary King

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