CD burning programs

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  • Date: Thu, 1 Mar 2007 09:58:27 +0800

hi Rod,
i do use plextor all the time and very happy with it. i'm using PX_755A, 
PX-760A and the latest one PX800A. ok, to answer your 

1. don't use the plex tools and whatever software that come with it.

2. i'm using nero 7 and i'm sure nero 7 can help you to all the task that 
you've list out in your previous posting.

3. contact me off list if you need more advice since i'm using plextor drive 
for about 9 years now.

Allan Wong
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Subject: CD burning programs

Hi Everybody!

This is my very first time on this list, so be gentle.  I want it to be a
good experience.

I have need of an accessible CD/DVD burning program for my internal burner,
a new Plextor.  I don't think that the Plex tools and the Roxio 7 that came
with the burner are accessible to my Jaws 7.1. Anyway, I can't get either
one of them to talk to me in any practical way.  I have tried invisible
cursors, routing Jaws to pc, tethering, just the jaws alone, the pc alone,
tabbing all over, arrowing this way and that, entering, and no combination
seems to give me any great joy.

I have not used an internal CD burning program before, as I used a stand
alone, which decided to go South recently.  Besides, I am getting into Sonar
and will need to burn things at faster speeds than real time, and in formats
other than 16/44 audio.
  I need data burning capability as well.  It needs to create professional
quality fidelity.

I need to be able to error check and compile CD and DVD length sets of files
to burn in one session.  I would like to insert some primary info like song
title and artist for the players that the CD's are played on that have
screens that will register such data.

I need something that will employ some decently quick burn speeds without
entering into speeds that make errors a more realistic possibility.

And of course, the easier and cheaper the better, though it is the features
I am interested in, more than the cheapness.

Of course, graphic bells and whistles are not anything of interest to me.
If it had none at all it would be great.

Any ideas about what such an animal might be called, and where it can be
obtained?  If so, please be specific about any web sites, and how to
negotiate such, if known.  You know how vague these web sites are about
giving you any clue about what keys you actually have to push in order to
get something specific to happen.

Thanks a big fat heap,

Rod Anderson 

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