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"Potentially relevant"? Are you talking about JAWS here? I'm shocked, shocked, 
I say!

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  I know how annoying this can be. I've never tried this, but several options 
in the text processing group of the configuration manager may help. Just in 

  1. Insert-6 on the number row above the letters for config manager. 

  2. for universal, press control-shift-d. Otherwise, to have any changed 
settings apply just to the browser, make sure focus is in that application.

  3. Press alt-s for the lengthy subject list.

  4. Arrow down to text processing and press enter.

  5. Tab around for several potentially relevant choices.

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  Listers: A newspaper site always puts the periods in agency or organization 
letters. Thus CIA is read C dot I dot A.

  I know how to use dictionary manager to change this item by item. Is there a 
way to change such things as a class?


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