Re: Braille Display not working after installing Jaws 11

  • From: Chris Hallsworth <christopherh40@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sun, 17 Jan 2010 22:05:15 +0000

Are you using the 64 bit edition of JAWS? If so then this could be the problem as whoever makes the Connect would have to develop and sign 64 bit drivers and get approved by Freedom Scientific before they will be made available to JAWS.

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On 17/01/2010 21:35, Kristeen Hughes wrote:
MessageI put Jaws 11 on my main computer this morning after having problems 
with Jaws10 and removing it. I use only the display as I don't like the voice 
all day long. I see the display flash on boot up but then nothing. I've tried 
to add it, but it's not there even though the driver is installed. It's a 
braille connect 24. I'ave always seen it a tthe end of the list and could add 
it, but not now. Does anyone know what's up

Kristeen Hughes
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   precisely. thanks much.

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   Bill I think this is what you are looking for?


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   Hi Eileen,

   I was one of those who replied. Do the following to get rid of that annoying 

   while in outlook 2007 make sure you are on a message.

   press insert+f2 (jaws key+f2)

   down arrow until you hear "custom highlight  assign"

   press enter.

   when the dialog opens asking if you want to assign, just hit enter.

   hit it about 3 more times to accept all the defaults.

   that should do it.



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   Subject: JFW 11 and Outlook 2007

   I sent this message before and got an excellent reply and thought that I 
saved it, but cannot find it now.

   The question is how do I turn off 'not selected' at the beginning of every 
message in OutLook 2007 with JFW 11?

   Thanks for any help,

   Eileen La Fond

   Work phone: (206) 386-0011

   email: eileen.lafond@xxxxxxxxxxx

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