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 oh dear I have just got my laptop and OE working well after having it cleaned 
off , whilst I do have a desktop that is windows 7 using ms outlook, I thought 
OE would be supported for a long time yet, only problem was putting office 7 on 
messed up the spellcheck but Dave carlson on this list said use spello to fix 
it, what on earth will Jaws 12 do to OE, are they telling us we will not 
support  it and force you to change?  Has anyone asked fs this? Dorothy 
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  Now isn't this special.
  Since installing the latest update, Outlook Express has changed behavior and 
I'm wondering if others have noted similar behavior.
  Previously when I entered a message in a list, JAWS would commence reading 
the body of the message and deleting the open message would put me into the 
body of the next message in the queue.  Now when I enter a message, JAWS starts 
reading somewhere in the middle of the body of the message or reads all the 
headers with no apparent pattern and both of these outcomes require finding the 
beginning of the message body with other keystrokes.

  I'll be hopping back to version 11 soon if this persists.  Rebooting did not 
  Thanks, Mitch

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