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Thanks for your valuable and helpful direction in which to proceed, and that
brightened my Virtual Mental Imagination immensely.








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Hi Dwight,


You just wrote :



Is there a Backup Program that can be run by a visually impaired

individual without "Sighted Assistance?"



Yes, I definitely could find one. However, in order to be fully autonomous,
even when I need to restore a PC which refuses to start up, I need the
following hardware:


-          The PC should have a true serial port. I could not figure out how
to work with an emulated serial port under DOS, such as USB<->RS232 cables.

-          The PC must be able to boot from a removable support other than
floppy: a USB key for instance.

-          An old Braille display with serial connection and its associated
screen reader.


Then, I'm using Image For Windows by Terabyte Unlimited and/or its
associated program Image For Dos. I created a bootable USB key starting DOS
and I placed my Braille display screen reader and Image For DOS on it.


The software cost me around $50 but I really don't regret having spent such
an amount of money since it's really good for what I need to do.


For more information, please have a look at


I confess it's a little bit complicated but definitely feasible. HTH, Have a
nice day. Chris

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