RE: Avast and Jaws again!

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  • Date: Thu, 17 Dec 2009 01:40:17 +0100

I never had any false positives with jaws and avast. Been using it for a
long time.

for me it is the best anit virus  program I have ever tried and used.

And having tried out avg in the past as well, avast uses far less sources
than avg did here. I like the way it handles stuff and would recommend it
over avg or any other right now. But this is  one of those questions where
you will get probably a hundred different views.




Happy chanukah everyone! Chanuka Sameach!


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Subject: Avast and Jaws again!


Recently people on this list have discussed false posatives with Jaws and


I suspect that Avast has made updates since then.  Have these updates
repaired the problem?


If so do you all think that Avast is still a good antivirus program to use
with Jaws? 

To put the question another way, does Avast have a smaller footprint and
take up less resources than AVG?


Thanks, for any ideas you may have.






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