Re: Are LaTex and PostScript accessible?

  • From: Bill <>
  • To: jfw@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 24 Dec 2004 15:47:48 -0500

post script, is that a program?

thought post script was a set of scalable fonts.

could see where an engineer student may want to use post script, more 
popular on macs, because it probably includes all the scientific notations.

though their is equivalent stuff that is not post script.

m s has its own scaleable fonts.
though word does not include scientific notation with such fonts by default.

so word adds some scientific stuff with math type.

unfortunately think that is not accessable  in  word where one can buy an 
up grade to math type that comes with word that adds all the extra 
scientific notation.

if m s was serious about access for the blind all this stuff would be 
included in the o s so that all
programs could access more than the letters of the alphabet.

they not only need to add it but alow access to it via active accessability 
so screen readers can get at the info.
include the characters in the off screen model so jfw can pronounce them.

so you have 2 issues.

first m s is adding more to word, like the greek alphabet.
but still has a way to go with respect to many missing symbols.

secondly even though the greek alphabet is in their jfw can not pronounce it.

weather this is a jfw flaw or a m s flaw in not reporting to the off screen 
model i have not a clue.

do no that many screen reader companies have complained that m s does not 
support their own brain child active accessability in office to the degree 
they should.

jfw for that reason gets info about office through a differant method than 
active accessability.

bottom line is this, jfw could and should be able to pronounce the greek 

not to mention scientific notation.

for me a feature like this added to jfw makes a lot more sense than the 
bells and whistles their adding now.
granted it would take support from m s as well to pull this one off.

back to the fonts.

some printers have post script built into them.
be aware differant versions of post script exist.

so i suspect the real question is not weather or not he can use a program 
called post script but weather jfw can read the fonts in the application 
and their i suspect the answer is no.
basing that on the fact jfw can not even read all the m s stuff.

still do not take my word on it.
give it a try.


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