Re: Anti-virus - AVG / MS Essentials

  • From: "Samara Raine" <samararaine@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <jfw@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 4 Aug 2010 16:25:11 -0400

Oh cool! Maybe I'll do that. Grins. I'm new with AVG, so I'll have to fiddle 
around with it to see how to change the scan times and such. Thank you!

LOLOLOLOL about the MS essentials thing.

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  From: Alan Dicey 
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  Subject: Anti-virus - AVG / MS Essentials

  Dear Sam,
  I have the paid version of AVG now, but I used the FREE version for many 
years and it is true, it does slow down your computer a bit, depending how much 
RAM you have I suppose, so yes, I set it to do a "Full System" scan late at 
night when I am less active on my computer, reading a book or listening to a 
dvs movie or whatever.

  Yes you must use the jaws cursor, but very easy that way to negotiate 

  Most folks will not agree with me, but I simply do not trust the same people 
who allowed such security holes or cracks in your Operating System, (Microsoft) 
to give you something to stop viruses, mal ware, spy ware!

  And mark my words, it will not be "Free" forever, just till Microsoft believe 
they have captured the market, destroyed the anti-virus program manufacturers, 
then they shall drop the bomb shell that it will now cost you!
  An old marketing trick!

  I shall keep this message, so I can say "I told you so"!

  AVG has never let me down,!
  You can purchase a AVG Disk which comes with a 2 year subscription to New 
definitions, Off-The-Shelf, in any computer store for $29, cheaper than on 
their Web Site!
  Why cheaper purchased in a store, I have no idea!
  But it updates twice a day, and I trust it completely!

  With Best Regards,
  Miami, Florida
  Alan Dicey, President
  United States Braille Chess Association - USBCA
  "Yes, Blind or Visually Impaired People Can, and Do, Play Chess!!!"
  United States Braille Chess Association Home Page:

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    From: Samara Raine 
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    Sent: Wednesday, August 04, 2010 3:54 PM
    Subject: Anti-virus - AVG / MS Essentials

    Hi. I have AVG 9.0 free on my computer. I've heard it's accessible, and it 
is to a certain extent, but it's all jaws cursor. Is that how it's supposed to 
be? I'd ask about it slowing down jaws, but I think that's just because it 
makes the entire computer crawl.

    I've also heard about MS Essentials. Some of you have recommended it. I 
tried it on my laptop when one care was discontinued, but windows security 
didn't seem to recognize that there was protection on the computer and kept 
giving me warnings. I've a desktop now, windows XP, jaws 10, and I just wanted 
to know before I made a decision to either switch AVG scans to late at night 
when they won't interfere with me or to switch completely to ms essentials, is 
that normal? For the windows security manager not to recognize ms essentials? 
Does it run that quietly? And how do I know for certain that it's working if I 
keep getting warnings?

    Thanks so much.


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