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I'm not defending Jaws 7.1.  I'm really not.  But I did want to mention one 
thing.  It probably won't affect most of you.  But remember if you have made 
any changes to the scripts that come with jaws and compiled them, that 
places a copy of the scripts in your user settings enu (explore my 
Running the installer for the final release of Jaws 7.1 does not remove 
those files.  So Jaws will always looks and load the scripts from your 
settings enu folder first.  So I thought I was using the new build of the 
scripts for jaws (explore shared settings), but actually I found it was 
still loading the scripts from my user settings enu folder.
So once I deleted the default and outlook express scripts from my user 
settings enu, some of my problems with the final release have been resolved.

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Sometimes when trying to creat a new message with outlook express and jaws
7.1 jaws will sometimes loose speech and the only way to get it back is to
reboot the PC.

When using narrator I am able to tell that the jaws screen has came backup
but no speech.



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