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MessageI am going to have to disagree with the below advice.  I have modified 
the AutoStartEvent function in all my versions of Jaws and what I have changed 
is at the end of this function right before the End Function statement and what 
I have added is spoken before the "Jaws for Windows is Ready" message is 
spoken.  Therefore, it is not in the AutoStartEvent function.  However, it is 
in the registry.



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  hi, yes you can change this it is in the autostartevent and it is a message 
not a quoted string.  

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    Hi list. I have a question. It is not really a problem, just something I'm 
curious about. Earlier today, a friend of mine made a joke. The joke was a 
change in the start up message of JAWS. So, being the curious fellow that I am, 
I am wonderring, is there any way shape or form to change the JAWS start up 
message? I figured it might be in the .jss files but I don't want to go looking 
through all those. A year or so ago I tried the dictionary manager and it 
didn't work, and I figured out why. I also went through default.jss and tried 
searching for 'JAWS For Windows' but that produced no results. Anyone got any 


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