Re: Amazon workaround without changing browsers or even updating Jaws

  • From: "Michael G." <commodore128@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <jfw@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 15 Nov 2005 23:07:31 -0600

Hi Guys,

I have another work around that you all might be interested in. I haven't really been paying attention to this particular thread so I apologize if this tip has already been suggested. First of all,let me just mention that I'm using Jaws 6.22 and I'm having the same problems that you Jaws 7.0 users are having where when you click on the linkof a product, it throws you onto some other page. Although I must say that other links and buttons seem to work fine (i.e. shopping cart button, search fields, Used/New link, etc.). What I've done to get the site to work is once I've done a search and gotten a list of results, I'll browse through the results and pick out a product I like. Then I'll turn off the virtual cursor (Insert+Z) then bring up the links list (Insert+F7), then press the first letter of the product I wanted to look at. Note that you will likely have to press the first letter multiple times to get to your desired product. Once you land on the product you were looking for, just press Enter and whammo, you'll be on the correct page. From here, everything else appears to work fine. You should be able to add the product to your shopping cart and check out without any problems. After trying this out, it ocurred to me that the primary problem with Jaws not working any longer on the Amazon site lies in the virtual cursor. If it's true that is utilizing some new Jave design for their web site, then the virtual cursor must be having difficulty recognizing the java text. It's just a wild guess. But my tip seems to work ok.


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