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  • Date: Thu, 17 Mar 2011 14:21:30 -0700

ah, most of the time that's all you will get is one page, until you use the 
correct down page hotkey "control and page down"

when you get the words "blank page" when you open a .pdf document, that means 
that its an picture created page instead of a text created one and jaws don't 
read pictures, so you need to run the thing through an OCR application to read 

there you go, 
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  From: Donald Wardlow 
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  I don’t know about Roger, but I have a bad time getting JAWS to read any 
Adobe PDF files.  About half the time it reads, half it doesn’t read.  
Sometimes when it does read, I get one page and that’s it. I pass on PDF’s as 
far as I can.


  From: Farfar Carlson 
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  Any reason why you're not using the JAWS voices to read the document? I've 
not use the read out loud feature because I thought it was too robotics.

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    From: Roger White 
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    Subject: Adobe Reader

    Hi, I downloaded Adobe Reader X and tried reading a pdf with Read outloud, 
but it said that I didn't have an english voice on my computer.  

    Is there some setting that I could change, or should I update to 2011?

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