Admin: Addressing a few things.

  • From: "James Homuth" <james@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <jfw@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 26 Jan 2010 19:50:47 -0500

Ladies and gentlethings,
There's been a few issues brought to my attention over the last couple days,
not the least of which is that whole problem of last night's unexpected
cermin. As a result, I'll be addressing a few concerns here and now, and
giving a bit of a reminder in the process.
First and foremost, contrary to what is I'm sure becoming popular belief,
the list moderator did not in fact fly the coop. I do have family, who I
have been occasionally known to spend time with, and was therefore not near
the computer while the list was having its small implosion. However, and
leading into the second area of concern, that does not mean the problem
hasn't been delt with. The original poster of those two messages has since
been permanently banned from the mailing list. Hence the lack of any further
postings from this individual. It was unwarranted, offensive to several
people, and as was pointed out by a couple when it happened, more than a
little off-topic. And, no longer an issue. This isn't the place to be
sending emails of that nature, no matter how well intentioned, or how
unintentional, it might have been. And, since this individual did not
respond to attempts to contact him, it was ruled by me to be intentional.
The matter has been accordingly delt with.
Thirdly, and as a side subject to the above problem, I'll remind everyone
here that flaming of any nature, in any form, and with any level of
offensive language is not by any means tolerated. At all. Whether or not you
agree with, appreciate, or otherwise, the message in question, responding
the way a few of you did to it was by no means the way to handle it. If it
offended you that badly, the appropriate response would have been to contact
me directly, delete it, and move on. Some of you did that. And, while I
didn't respond directly to emails sent to me on the matter, I did read them,
and the matter was handled.
Fourthly, a clarification of the definition of contact me. By contacting me,
I do not mean send me an email, wait an hour and a half, and then email the
staff who run the website. They aren't there to handle issues
internal to the mailing lists hosted by them. That's why those mailing list
have their own admins. And, in fact, they will more than likely simply
forward that email to the appropriate mailing list admins. As I have said,
if your email doesn't get a direct response from me, that does not mean the
matter hasn't been delt with. However, if I'm replying to every direct email
I receive on the exact same issue, it will take me longer to actually fix
the issue in question. Since in a situation like what occured yesterday,
promptness is necessary, emails did not get a response until the matter was
closed. And then, the response was sent to everyone affected--in this case,
the list as a whole.
I will point out something I've noticed in my time as list admin. This list
is extremely self-regulating. Which, honestly, is not a bad thing. Off-topic
messages usually go ignored, unanswered, and very occasionally a reminder is
posted by someone to let the original poster know it's off-topic. That's not
always something to be taken as a negative. A lot of the reason I don't come
down hard as often as many moderators would is, quite simply, because I
don't really have to. Yes, there have been a few cases where things have
needed to be cooled off. But for the most part, discussion on this list is
kept level-headed, mature, and most importantly, constructive. On any other
mailing list, I'd of been in a little bit of a panic, and looking for
someone to cover off temporarily for me while I stepped away from the
computer for a couple hours. But most of you here don't need a babysitter,
so I usually have nothing to worry about. Now, let's try and see about maybe
getting back to that level of discussion, and letting some of these other
threads that have sprung up sort of die off. This is an awesomely powerful
forum, with collectively decades of JAWS experience, which gets tapped by
new and veteran users of JAWS alike. Let's not lose that.
I will be keeping an eye on things and make sure our preacher friend doesn't
try to make a comeback under a different email address, but as for right
now, let's try and put this out of the way where it belongs. If anyone has
questions, my inbox is always open. In the meantime, how about business as
usual for a while.
List Admin

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