Adaptive technology and public awareness

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Dear Mostafa,
This was Excellent!
Well Done!
I really enjoyed the youtube demonstrations!

I shall forward this message all around.

Many sighted and Blind people will gain insight by reading this message and 
going to the youtube demonstrations!

Thank you very much!

With Best Regards,
Miami, Florida
Alan Dicey, President
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  Subject: Adaptive technology and public awareness

  In the name of Allah the gracious clement the grand merciful.

  Dear all , peace be upon you , firstly , happy Victoria day for our Canadian 
friends , we do wish you  indeed a pleasant vacation. 

     On today's post , I will highlight the major concentrates onto the subject 
of adaptive technology  and it's public awareness among the societies , we may 
begin by asking this simple question:

  On average , how widely it is known the adaptive technology in the regular 
educational fields and  public employment sectors?   

  To answer accurately this question , we shall in advance identify what the 
adaptive technology is , and what it does involve?

  Basicly , it is a complete unit of combined tools and utilities  to make the 
visually impairment candidate  more productive and sufficiently adequate to 
cope within the commissioned task , usually , a screen reader of your 
convenience  , as there are so many out there , ranging to compatible digital 
scanner shipped within optical character recognition application , whether , 
OCR for short , a refreshable Braille display if preferable , and don't forget 
the regular printing machine , so you may print a regular piece of sheet to 
your sighted colleagues if necessary.  

  As this package of facilities might be considered to be costly at some length 
, we may redistribute it's common line in the general educational and 
employment environments , that demands a well developed promoting campaign , 
well prepared and competent prospects , and ultimately , a  general positive  
self conscious to officially recognize the visually impairment as effective  

  The best way to prove that is to show you a demonstration , as there are not 
too many , but fortunately , we still have what is enough to share  the idea

   We have three major videos which focus on three different situations:

  Firstly , individual use , and that's detected to someone who is 
demonstrating the adaptive technology on his own , he was assessing a popular 
screen reader called JAWS , quite famous among the blind computer users , he 
was examine it within the open source edition of Microsoft office on a windows 
seven platform in particular , let's see shall we?

  I actually did not like the comments posted below about the video , quite 
negative and frustrating attitude , and that's what we surely dislike as blind 


  The next video is in focus on educational environment , as he was testing 
also with JAWS , an application which is related to management course which is 
held in a University:

   The last broadcast is to demonstrate an accessible office for the visually 
impairment employees , let's have a look:

  I think , this is pretty decent to give the idea.

  Want you try to move out of the resident care? , which is a catastrophic 
conditions in my opinion , how the people will never guess that there is out 
something of the sort while kept our talking computers to be used just at home 
or state of private residence which is extremely the worst!. 






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