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Is there somewhere on the net a person can download a free trial copy of this 
quickbooks that is 95% accessible with jfw, so a person can take a look at it 
and try it out?  I would need a copy of Quickbooks that works well with vista.  
Any help with this would be muchly appreciated.  Much thanks.

All the best,


Subject: Re: Accounting/bookkeeping

  quick books online is 95% accessible.  some of the drop down boxes won't 
read, such as client names and if the name is not entered exactly as it is 
already in the program, it created a new client.  
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    A while ago I peeked at quickbooks and it was kind of accessible but it has 
been over 8 years ago I'm not sure what they have done with it lately but you 
might check it out. If you could give an idea of how you are going to use the 
program I may be able to help you set up a template in excel.
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      Does anyone have a recommendation for a JFW friendly bookkeeping program. 
In depth accounting program with job cost tracking and that sort of thing is 
not necessary. A fairly straightforward income/liability debit/credit program 
would be sufficient.


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