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  • Date: Thu, 27 May 2010 22:40:06 -0400

As Alison wrote, Amazon is completely accessible but cluttered. The way to
get around the clutter is to remember a few search terms. In the following
examples, don't type the quotation marks. Also, begin each search at the top
of the page.
Typing "product de" takes you either to product details or product
description, depending on the page.
For customer reviews, type "helpful." This section of the page starts with
the most helpful review.
To get to buying and add to cart options, type "buy." 
On a search results page, type "sort" to go to the start of the results
list. Also, if you arrow up once from that line, you'll be told how many
results were produced.
On pages in the your account section, press f three times to reach the first
field you'll need.
If a musical item offers samples, typing "listen to all" will take you to
the link. The result creates a new page and preserves the original Amazon


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Does anyone know of a sister site to amazon that's more accessible?

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