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The newer firefox versions do not work very good with the older jaws
versions, I believe. Maybe that is why. I am using jaws 10 and newest
firefox and it works very well.

You can register and download the webvisum add on from here:

just register there and then install the add on after firefox is up and
running. There is a tutorial for solving captchas but it is real easy. To
solve a captcha on a page simply press alt, control and 6. 





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I had a sighted friend download the latist verson of firefox for me, and I
couldn't get it to work with Jaws. So I uninstalled it. Did I do something
wrong? I have Jaws 7.1 on my computer. Then once I down firefox, how do I at
thechapta thing? Thanks RJ 

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Use firefox and download the captcha add on for it to help solve them.



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I'm trying to sign up in order to get a windos live Idea, but that stupid
word verification gets in the way. Hotmail seems not to care about thouse of
us who use screen readers. Any suggestions? RJ

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