Re: AVG, a lovable system resources hog (was:Can Jaws slow down your computer?)

  • From: "Robert R. Matti" <rrm@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: jfw@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 27 Sep 2006 19:54:52 -0700

I have AVG set to scan at 2AM
I unload Jaws just before I go to bed.
the first thing I do with my PC in the morning is load Jaws and then I have full speed
operation with speech.
on 02:11 PM9/27/2006, Yardbird said:

I'm a longtime user of AVG Free Edition, and I certainly haven't had any
virus hassles all this time, and I'm not about to try another such program.
But I have to say that while it's running its morning scan of my hard drive,
which takes it more than 25 minutes, it slows down things just terribly.
I'm partially sighted, so I can see that things on the screen are responding
more or less normally to commands I may key in, and I suspect that if I'm
typing an email or something that my typing is also appearing on the screen
as it should.  But Jaws is really crippled by having to operate at this
time.  I press a key, and it may be 20 seconds before Jaws speaks what I've
just done, whether it's a letter I've typed or a control key I've pressed to
execute something.

as soon as AVG finishes its scan, it puts up a closing dialogue that reports
the scan's activities and results, and allows me to close the dialogue if I
don't want to wait 30 seconds for it to close itself.  I generally close it
so I can go on using the computer immediately without that dialogue getting
in Jaws's way or my accidentally hitting a key that activates some control
in the dialogue and screws things up.

Anyway, I've learned to just go make another cup of coffee and listen to
some radio news during this time, and I can live with that.  But just to
chime in.  and of course, this isn't about Jaws itself slowing down things,
so I'll change the subject line.

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