AT&T's Natural Voices and JAWS 6.0?

  • From: "Beto Escobar III" <betoescobar3@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: "Freedom Scientific Support" <support@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 23 Dec 2004 09:25:16 -0600

I have a question regarding AT&T's Natural Voices and JAWS 6.0?  When I was 
using the previous version of JAWS, 5.10, I was using my copy of the AT&T's 
Natural Voices with only one program-- WinFrotzTTS2002; an interpreter designed 
to use speech while playing text adventure games on a windows based PC.  When I 
initially installed the program, I did not have to do a thing, this copy of 
WinFrotz just began using the program automatically, and I did absolutely 
nothing.  Now, however, after I installed JAWS 6.0, it is not working at all?  
Can anyone who useless AT&T's Natural Voices send me a direct E-mail and let me 
know what their experiences are?  Is anyone else having problems such as I?  am 
unable to open the digest form of the JFW list serve, and as a result, if you 
do not send me a direct E-mail, I will not be able to read it in the digest I 
receive twice daily.  My E-mail address is betoescobar3@xxxxxxxxxxx 

Thanks Everybody, Have A Merry Christmas and a Happy New year! 

Beto Escobar III, LMSW 
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